The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Special Olympics 2014

Houston County, Alabama celebrated their 38th Special Olympics on April 2, 2014 at Dothan High School. This years theme was 'My Olympic Moment' and Northview High School, yet again, started the games by winning 1st place for their banner, which will give them an end of the year pizza party and $250 for their classroom. This year they changed the awards for banners, in years past on 3 schools would win a pizza party and prize money, but now every banner won $25.

I don't if I was just preoccupied socializing and watching Turkey or if it wasn't announced, but I wasn't able to determine what song the Special Olympics choir sang in order to attach it to this years post. And I know some people might cringe at this, but I honestly love how most events in our area or our teams start with a prayer. Regardless of people religious beliefs or denominations, there is just something calming about hearing someone give thanks for the day, the surroundings, and the people involved for that activity.

So for anyone who follows our blog, it is obvious we have our Turkey but for Breanna and her classmates they get the extra excitement of having two new baby siblings. One of Breanna's classmates had a baby brother about 3 weeks after Turkey was born, named Brantley who was also at the games today, so the kids got tons of baby time in between activities!

The games started with the parade of students, followed by the introduction and acknowledgment of those who helped make the games possible. The mayor then gave a short speech, followed by the invocation and acknowledgment of previous athletes who were no longer with us. The Houston County torch runners then ran in the torch around the track and per tradition, once the torch reached the athletes and spectators, it was then passed down the line of parents. This part always makes me tear up, maybe I am just a sap, but it's the counties way of recognizing Special Needs parents and caregivers and the multiple sacrifices it takes to have such a blessing of having a special needs child. Once the torch reaches the last parent, the honorary guests then light the Olympic Flame and the games are officially opened.

I am not sure if our athletes weren't signed up to participate in all the activities or not, or if the 'student helpers' were just enjoying their free day but our group participated in the softball throw and the 100 meter run or walk. After the games the remaining Northview High School students decided to end the games in style by running through their banner.

Waiting for the parade of athletes to start

Northview's winning banner

Ms Barbie, NHS Special Education Teacher

The parade of athletes

The parade had a brief stop, so I tried to get a picture, but when taking it the athletes started walking again and Ms Michelle said it was time to start moving again!

Dothan High School (host school of the Special Olympics) Band

Lighting of the Olympic Flame

Some of the officers in the Torch Run

Bre after completing her softball throws - as usual I was unable to capture any pictures or video of her throwing!

Turkey cooling off under the tend

Some NHS girls waiting for their 100 meter walk

More NHS students waiting for their heat

Go Bre Go!

Bre with one of her favorite student aids

The girls getting their awards, Bre received 4th again because she stopped before the finish line

Last picture of the banner before running through it

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