The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, April 21, 2014

Five months of Turkey

Well this has been an interesting month, our Turkey has decided she wants to act like the typical infant. We have gone from sleeping all night to up every 2-3 hours, crying ALL the time, and the lovely I don't want to be held, I don't want to sit, and I don't want to lay down stage. I even posted the following on Facebook:

Missing: my all-night sleeping turkey
Last seen: one week ago
If found: please return to the Brady Bunch house
Sincerely: one tired mama who dearly misses her sleep and didn't fully realize how lucky she was for having a baby who slept through the night

Free to a good home, one 13 pound teething turkey! Facts: hasn't slept through the night in weeks, has discovered her 'screaming' (bloody murder, I'm gonna die) cry, drools on everything, chews on everything, doesn't want to sit, lay down, or be held and has a slight temperature, but still able to have some 'oh my goodness I AM CUTE' time each day!

Here are some things that have been going on with me over the last month:
  • Sadly those teeth buds that we have been seeing for months have still not broken through
  • Although I don't understand peek-a-boo yet, I do enjoy putting things over my head until someone notices me
  • I am mastering rolling over, mainly because I still despise tummy time
  • I tried Rice for the first time
  • I got my first car
  • Everyone says I am a DIVA in training
  • I've learned I can rock myself in my bouncy seat by kicking my leg or legs
  • I went to Breanna's Special Olympics on April 2, 2014 and a therapy dog was so fond of me he stayed by my side most of the day.
  • I am trying to become a master escape artist
  • I got my first swim suit
3/21 First time having solid food - rice
3/29 Check out my ride!
3/30 Diva in training
4/2 Hanging out at Special Olympics

4/2 Mom tried to take my picture with the therapy dog without my food...NOT HAPPY!
4/5 You want to ride with me? I don't think so!
4/9 Trying to escape off the bed

4/17 Trying to escape my bouncy chair
4/19 Ready for the beaches and pools, bring on summer!!!

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