The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well sign me up for bad mom of the year. Soccer season has come and gone, and thanks to Turkey, not only was I not able to attend many games but when we did we were pretty much stuck in the car. Thankfully our home games have a great view from the parking lot and Bre's handicap parking permit came in handy for ALL those games.

Jarom made the high school varsity soccer team and was eventually elected honorary co-captain, due to his hard work, determination, positive attitude, and dedication. Jarom moved to Dothan at the end of September and although it took months (yep months) to get him all set up and registered with school, he was able to attend and participate in school events. Although we had been trying to get the soccer teams tryout information since day one, we both found out the day of tryouts on the FIRST day of tryouts. Lucky for him I don't work and was able to run to the school with all of his stuff, and we had prepped ahead of time for him to try out so he had plenty of clothing, shin guards, soccer shoes, and lots of water!

The week before the season was to start, Jarom got injured! He had rolled his ankle and heard a pop. His ankle instantly swelled up so that night he propped it up, iced it on and off all night, and because I am a slight hoarder on medical supplies I had an unisex, adjustable ankle brace that we placed on him to try and help him sleep. Although we had hoped that it was just a bad sprain and he'd feel better in the morning, he actually felt worse and his ankle was almost twice the size. Off to the walk-in clinic for an evaluation and xrays, which revealed it wasn't broken! But the doctor didn't feel comfortable with diagnosing him, so off to the orthopedic we went. Jarom was given three options, brace and physical therapy, boot and physical therapy, or a cast for 6-8 weeks. He chose the brace and PT, he also showed up every day to practice, assisted any way he could, attended PT 2-3 times a week, worked with the school's training, who he met at his second PT visit, and encouraged and tried to help motivate his team members, because of all this his teammates asked the coaches to give him a captains band and the coaches agreed.

During the soccer season the team participated in out of state soccer tournaments, which is funny to even say as Dothan is about 30 minutes from Georgia and Florida, which they won 1st place, they also ended their season ranked #9 in the state, and made it to the state finals but were eliminated first round due to scoring on their own goal. This was an amazing accomplishment as, from my understanding, this was Northviews second year of having a soccer team, the first year for boys and girls JV team and both girls and boys Varsity teams making it to state!

The season ended with a soccer banquet, which I now feel bad for choosing to sit in the back of the room in case I had to step out with Turkey, because Jarom received awards, acknowledgments, praise, and gifts. He spent a good amount of the evening walking from our table to the front of the room...we were soooo proud!

So my apologies in advance the few pictures and video I took are not the greatest, so if you look for either bright yellow shoes or the #21 you will find Jarom!

The shoes

State playoffs in Daphne, AL

Soccer Banquet

Hustler award

Senior gift from the team
Some of the items inside the Nike soccer bag

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