The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's why they call me Frito...

So while updating my blog on my couch-to-5k progress the other day, I got the feeling and idea that maybe I need to elaborate or explain something.

I used to run a lot in the past, mainly to give myself a break from school work or life in general.  I have always been one that when I get upset or really ticked off, I exercise to release the tension, plus running always seemed to be a great way to think when I had writers block while working on papers.  However my running days ended on 06/08/07.

It was Friday afternoon, the Friday before finals week.  I received a call from a friend to see if I wanted to go for a quick motorcycle ride before I needed to pick Breanna up from school. (Shhhh we lived in Hillsboro, right across from Glencoe High School, but I fibbed and had Breanna going to school at Aloha High School so I had to give myself at 30 minutes to make the drive.) Of course I was up for a ride, it was a nice day and anything is better than studying for finals!  So I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed my gear, and jumped on my bike.
I met my friend and we were off on our ride.  Since we knew we had to be quick, we decided to do a small loop by Helvetia Tavern in Hillsboro.  As we were ending our ride. we passed the tavern and were heading back towards West Union Road heading South.  As I am coming up to the railroad overpass a Frito Lay truck was heading towards me.  All of a sudden I hear the top of the truck hit the overpass. I knew if I just kept riding I would have less of a chance of being in an accident then if I stopped quickly, as their was a car behind me.  So I kept riding only to be hit with a piece of metal.

And down I went!  Thankfully, I wasn't going that fast, but unfortunately I think if I was going a bit faster I may have been able to avoid getting hit.  The results of the accident, a bit of road rash on my left hip, my bike landed on my left knee, which dislocated it, made it blow up to three times + it's normal size, and was covered in blood blisters.  I also sprained my right wrist and thumb, but other than that, I was fine! Thank goodness. 

Some how I landed sitting on the road, but was so ticked off that I eventually laid down, yep, right in the middle of the road. I was absolutely furious and I just laid there, yelling into my helmet.  This seemed like a good idea at the time, however all the witness freaked out and thought I died or something.  911 was called and I am not sure why, but it seemed that every officer who arrived on the scene was a motorcycle cop.  Yep, not one cop in a police car! 

I am not sure if they took it personally that a motorcycle was involved or if it was because it was a girl on a motorcycle, but that poor truck driver had no chance of getting off very easily.  They searched his truck, and gave him every ticket they possibly could, or at least this is what they told me. 

The train overpass the truck hit.  If you look close enough you can see the corners of the truck stuck in the wood!
The aftermath of the truck

The top of the Frito Lay truck.

And the new convertible model for Frito Lay or as I call them "Hit O Lay" 

And that is why I am called Frito!

I had only two years to attempt to settle the accident with "Hit O Lay", which thankfully I was able to do, with the assistance of a lawyer.  But after multiple doctors appointments and physical therapy, my dislocated knee hasn't improved much.  My surgeon told me he could do surgery and attempt to re-set my kneecap, however with the damage that was done, if the surgery took, it wouldn't be long before it slipped again.  So surgery was out.  My physical therapists helped me to strengthen my leg as much as they could, teaching me how to tape my knee a certain way in order to help with the pain and positioning of my knee.  But unfortunately, everyone told me I most likely wouldn't be able to run again. 

My knee still gives out every once in a while, I can't do a squat or a lunge to save my life, but I am finally attempting to run again.  So as I am into week 6 of my couch-to-5k training, I am beyond thrilled with my progress of the length of time I can walk/ run (yes I do have to take breaks every now and then) and the distance I seem to increase on almost a daily basis.

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