The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Workout 6.2

Since I do my workout based on time, not on distance, I attempted today to better match the recommended distance for my workout with the recommended time. 

Again today, I chose option 2 for my workout, which (without the warm-up walk) should result in 2.25 miles.  Since I don't want to stop after each interval to calculate how close I am coming for each one, I stopped after my warm-up walk since I do each walking section at the same speed, yet attempt to increase my speed during the jogging sections.

The warm-up walk is completed in 5-minutes, which I walk at a speed of 4.0.  I tend to complete a distance of .33 during this time, according to the treadmill.  I add 2-minutes of walking to the end of my workout so my total workout will equal 30-minutes.  This means on average, this time should equal about 0.46 miles.

Based on the distance for this workout, I am supposed to complete 2.25 miles in 23 minutes (2-10 minute jogs with a 3 minute walk in between).  So today, I increased my speed again!

Today's workout: walked at a pace of 4.0, jogged at a pace of 5.8, for a total of 30 minutes (which included my 5-minute warm-up walk) resulted in 2.59 miles.  With the deduction of my warm-up and cool-down walk my total distance was 2.13.  I am closer, but it looks like on Friday, I need to increase my speed again!

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