The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Advent Calendar

This fun, simple project was found at
Post image for An easy, no-frills advent calendar 

Needed Items:
Large frame - without glass
White card stock blank bookmarks (they purchased theirs at JoAnn's, set of 20 for $2.50)
Clothes pins (they used miniature ones found at JoAnn's)
Items to decorate (they recommended number stickers, but had found scrapbook paper that worked great for this project)

Step 1: Tape rows of ribbon to back of frame

Step 2: Place numbers facing upside down on bookmarks.

Step 3: Fold bookmarks in half.

Step 4: Decorate clothes pins - they glued strips of scrap paper to each pin.

Step 5: Decorate inside of the bookmark, if doing and activity advent calendar place an activity inside each day (see below for activities they used)..

The finished product! 
Once you do each daily activity, simply fold the bookmark so that the inside picture is showing and re-hang on the frame. shared their list of activities.

1.       Open a gift! (Inside are new Christmas pajamas)
2.       2. Find and decorate a Christmas tree
3.       Go downtown for the Christmas parade
4.       Go to The Nutcracker! (this is just the girls… the boys will probably do something manly, like have a snowball war)
5.       Drink hot cocoa and watch The Polar Express
6.       String popcorn garland for the tree
7.       Help address cards and watch classic Christmas cartoons
8.      Make paper snowflakes
9.       Attend our homeschool co-op’s Christmas party!
10.   Get together with family friends to play games

11.    Pop popcorn and Watch Elf 
12.    Make a new ornament for the tree

13.    Go to the local museum (which has recreated Christmas from the 19th century)
14.    Build a snowman
15.    Bake cookies
16.    Buy a gift for a child with Angel Tree
17.    Walk around Sisters (a nearby small town that’s decked out for the holidays)
18.   Make snow angels
19.    Watch A Christmas Story
20.   Skype with friends to wish them a merry Christmas
21.    Make easy gingerbread houses
22.   Drive around and look at Christmas lights
23.   Watch A Nativity Story
24.   Go to the Christmas Eve service at church
25.   Have a Merry Christmas!

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