The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


While I am trying to take the higher road on a situation I came across today, I dumbfounded on how some adults act.

Earlier today a friend posted a picture on Facebook, her comment above the picture stated "I'm not a racist, just a sucker for sick humor. Sorry!" Before even seeing the picture, I am thinking, if you have to post that comment maybe you shouldn't be posting the picture! But hey, that's just me.

I admit, I am not great friends with the person, they are actually someone I met through Eric and due to their friendship we have 'hung-out' on occasion and are Facebook friends. Personally, there are quite a few things this person does, I don't agree with or support, yet I still associate with them...WHY???

Um, I am not sure... I would tell the kids that this is not an answer, but today, it's mine when it comes to responding why I am still friends/ acquaintances with this person.

While I am somewhat appalled by the picture this person posted, I am more devastated and disturbed by the several comments that followed. Without getting into too much detail of the picture I will say it was about Jews and concentration. I admit I was the first to respond to the picture, and maybe I should have kept my fingers silent, but I simply had to state how I did not see the humor in this picture. Of course I wanted to write more, such as how a person who claims they are such a devote Christian could post something like this, and what if their teenage children (who have access to this person's page) started showing everyone at school, and finally if you want to post stuff about other people and religions, why don't you post about yourself...just saying....

Again, the disappointing thing about this entire situation, was everyone's, including the person who posted the picture's response to my comment about how I didn't find the humor in picture. And maybe my disappointment and frustration is due to feeling like these people (who don't know me) attack my comment. Instead of getting into the defensive mode and responding, I am now keeping my fingers silent as there is nothing more to say. Plain and simple, whether intended as humor or not, I don't find it appropriate to post negative things/ comments period! especially when it's about race, gender, religion...

To top this story off, another friend of this person has now decided they are going to keep this going and has began to find every Jew bashing picture and website and post it on the mutual friends Facebook.  Sadly, these individuals are 35+ years old.

Looks like it's time to re-evaluate a friendship.

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