The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, January 6, 2012

10 best calorie-burning exerices

While going through my mail today, I had received an offer from Fitness, as most of you did as well, to subscribe to their magazine. In with all their miscellaneous inserts my eye caught one that said "GET BACK ON TRACK AFTER A BINGE" this section of the insert listed ten different exercise, the calories burned in 30-minutes and the number of Oreos burned, that's right OREOS! I found this quite humorous partially because I don't eat nor do I purchase Oreos, but if you've ever been to my grandparents house, you know this product is a staple for them.

*These calorie counts, according to Fitness, are for a 135-pound woman. Larger than 135? then you will burn off more calories!!!!

Spinning                       425 calories          8 Oreos
Jumping Rope               405 calories         8 Oreos
Running (6mph)            405 calories         8 Oreos
Rowing (vigorously)     344 calories         7 Oreos
Mountain Biking           344 calories         7 Oreos
Swimming                     324 calories         6 Oreos
Jogging                          324 calories         6 Oreos
Elliptical Trainer            292 calories        6 Oreos
Cross-Country Skiing    284 calories        5 Oreos
Weight Lifting                243 calories        5 Oreos

How many Oreos are you going to burn off today?

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