The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, January 2, 2012

10K training workout 1.1

Well it has been several weeks since I ran my 5K, the holidays have came and went, New Year goals were made, and now it's time to get back on a schedule! While I am sure I should be restarting a 5K training program, I am jumping right into a 10K training schedule.

I chose to do follow Jeff Galloway's training schedule, primarily because I am already walking on Mondays and Wednesdays with Kent4Health walking group. The schedule, plus links to other 10K training schedules are listed here.

Today (week 1, workout 1) I had the option to either walk or cross-train (circuit train), of course I chose walking. I decided I would started using to track my workouts. Previously I was using the standard pen and paper method, which was great for writing my results down, however trying to figure out if I had made any improvements, proved that this was not the best method to use. allows me to track my workouts (walking, running, hiking, just to name a few), where I completed my workouts (including mapping my routes), log my distance and time, monitor how I felt with a series of 'faces' ranging from great to injured, make notes on how my workout went, and track various items such as calories and heart rate for each workout. After I input my workout information, the following posts on my profile:

(Sadly my face for this workout didn't copy) Treadmill - at home2.97mi/ 00:4515:09 pace
Read book for first 30 minutes, could have walked faster, but took it slow since I haven't done much since 5K on 12/10/11.
I also added a widget to my blog which will keep track of my miles ran, you may have already noticed it on my blog.

Today's workout: 2.97 miles, walking for 45 minutes, averaged a 15:09 pace.

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