The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10K workout 2.2 and 2.3

Stupid, stupid, stupid....

Tuesday was a running day and unfortunately I did NOT run, actually I was glued to my bed almost all day long due to nausea. As long as I didn't move I was fine, so fine that on two attempts I got up with the intention of jumping on the treadmill to do just a quick 20-30 minute run, but quickly found myself back in bed. UGHHH

Wednesday morning the alarm goes off, I get Ms. Bre up, in the bath, dressed, hair done, her lunch made, backpack packed, and her on the bus. So far so good! No nausea! But...I have a fever! UGH really?!?!

Okay a fever, no big deal, they come and go every 6-8 hours, so my goal...hit the treadmill in between the fever spikes! To make my time fever time pass quickly, I decide to 'sleep' it off. Unfortunately my little nap turned into sleeping for hours and when I wake up my fever is still lingering, but I still feel pretty good! Thankfully Breanna's bus stop is in front of our house, one of the benefits of special ed transportation, so I get her off the bus and get her settled with her afternoon snack and cartoons so I can jump on the treadmill. 

1.25 miles into my run (about 14 minutes) and the nausea is back! A quick stop to talk myself out of being sick and off I go again! A few more quick breaks and kicking myself that I didn't stop when the nausea really hit AND that I decided to program my treadmill for a 30-minute run, yes I actually figured out one feature on my treadmill other than quick start, which is pretty good for having it since 2006! 

Today's (actually what would have been Tuesday's) workout results: 2.91 miles in 30-minutes, which included a 5-minute warm-up walk, averaged a 10:18 pace.

So remember how I opened this post with stupid, stupid, stupid? Well since I missed Tuesday's workout and made it up on Wednesday, which is NOT recommended! Most runners and experts state that if you miss a workout to NOT make it up, just keep with your schedule. Yea, look at me listen to that advice! HA

About 4.5 hours after my run, I got back on that darn treadmill!

I will admit, this was my plan all morning, Eric told me I was 'stupid' for even thinking to do this and told me I was 'mental' when he heard and saw that I did do it!

My actual workout for today was to walk or cross train. For now I am walking, but next week (be scared for me) I am will start 365 days of awesome's suck less challenge. Because I want to make my walks worth something, I decided from the get go I would walk a minimum of 45 minutes, although I am loving seeing those 4-miles at the end of an hour walk, even at my slower walking pace of 4.0.

Since I already ran earlier today, I decided to have a nice relaxing walk, so while walking at a pace of 4.0 for 45-minutes, I read a book and played Sudoku on my phone. The last 15-minutes I jumped my speed up to 4.2.

Today's workout results: 4.05 miles in 60-minutes averaged a 14:48 pace.

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