The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, January 13, 2012

10K workout 2.5

I am a 'wanna be'!

Two weeks ago I decided I would use daily mile to track my 10K workout results instead of my handy dandy pen and paper, which I also still use! Pathetic I know, but I get a huge sense of accomplishment, looking at my once blank page of paper sitting on my treadmill fill up line by line by line! No, I have never added up how many miles ran/ walked, calories burned, or time spent on my lame ole treadmill, but by writing each workout results on that paper is my way of giving myself a pat on the back.

Now back to me being a wanna be. In an attempt to complete various sections of profiles on several accounts, I came across this section on daily mile:

I am a: (pick one)
  • Athlete (NOT)
  • Runner (I wanna be!!!)
  • Cyclist (NOPE)
  • Triathlete (DEFINITELY NOT!)
  • Walker (Yea I can walk!)
Today's workout: walk or cross train. While I plan on walking a little bit later today, I thought I'd get my heart racin' by playing 45 minutes of Xbox. The kids voted to contribute $50 of either left over Christmas return money or last years left over birthday money and purchase a Xbox/Kinect package. Believe me when I say, I did NOT want another game system in our house! We now have four, yes four, different systems. Jarom was given a Nintendo 64 and PS2 from my brother, every time he upgraded, Jarom got a new birthday present! Eric bought me a Wii and Wii Fit for my birthday several years ago, Christmas 2010 we bought the kids a PS3, and now the Xbox. The benefit of the Xbox over all the other gaming systems, NO NEED FOR CONTROLLERS! Slight downfall for the Xbox, there seems to be a slight delay from your movement to your figure's movement.

Kinect Adventures! is the only game we have so far, and only because it came with the package, but I promise if you do 20+ minutes (straight, no breaks!!!) you will get a bit of a workout. I started with River Rush which is a lot of jumping a walking side to side to guide your raft down the river to collect as many coins as possible. I stink at this game! After I sunk, yes sunk, after my third run for only collecting 45 coins, it was time to change 'adventures'. My adventure, reflex ridge! On this adventure you move side to side, duck, and jump to avoid being hit. You also 'strike' different poses to collect coins and the more you jump the faster you go. You will use ever ounce of energy and just about every muscle! Oh and for kicks, your picture is taken at various points in each game and saved for future viewing, which is great for a quick and ongoing laugh! And NO I will not be sharing any of mine on here! A few hours later I jumped on the treadmill to complete my walk for the day. 

Today's workout results: 4.16 mile walk completed in one hour, averaged a 14:25 pace.

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