The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sunday, after many months of debating and talking with others, I started my journey of couponing.

Since we don't have a working printer, at this time I am relying solely on newspaper ads. I have been viewing a blog that shows weekly coupon information and gives sneak previews of coupon inserts. This blog allows you to see the coupons that have came out for the year, the upcoming insert schedule, and a list (and links) to printable coupons. If you'd like to follow this blog, click here.

I am slightly hesitant if couponing will work for our family, hence the delay. My dilemma, the majority of the coupons I encounter are products I would not buy. I am a 'shop around the perimeter' kind of gal and there aren't too many coupons for my current shopping area. So my goal for this couponing experience is to focus on our non-food needs in order to give us additional funds for our perimeter shopping.

Wish us luck!

We'd gladly accept any input and recommendations to help us make our couponing experience successful.

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