The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Friday, January 27, 2012

Workout 3.5

After a long debate with myself on switching my off day to today instead of tomorrow this week, I finally drug myself onto the treadmill around 7:30pm. Honestly, I would have rather dragged myself to bed. For entertainment tonight, yes I needed something to entertain me while I walked on the treadmill, I decided to attempt watching a movie on Bre's iPad. While this did seem to make my time go faster, overall I was not entertained.

Logged onto xfinity, picked a movie, hit starts! freezes, ummm ok, well I don't have any place to go since I am walking in place on a stupid treadmill, so I will wait for it to 'unfreeze'. Lack of patience, I find another movie, and wouldn't you know it...same thing, Hit play, it starts, a few minutes later, it freezes, and then black screen! Hmmm maybe the battery is dead, cause of course I didn't check that first!

NOPE, there is little over 50% battery remaining, no big deal, find another movie...scroll, find, hit play, start, freeze, black, freeze, play, freeze, play freeze, I am NOT finding another, freeze, play, freeze, and finally my time on the treadmill is over. Whoo hoo!

Today's workout results: 4.19 miles in 60-minutes averaged a 14:19 pace.

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