The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workout 5.2

Watching the miles, not the minutes!

Today I decided to take a different approach while running, to make a goal of getting to each mile, instead of counting down the minutes and second until my workout was done. I also made myself a deal that I could stop at each mile, for no longer than 1 minute, but if I chose to stop I had to increase the speed for the next mile. If I didn't stop my speed remained the same as the previous mile. As I am sure you all guessed, I stopped after almost every mile! I also decided to not do a full 5-minutes warm-up walk, but to break up those 5-minutes with a 3-minute warm-up walk and using those other 2-minutes as a way to end my workout because I figured I would need an extra cool down period after increasing my speed after each mile.

Today's workout results: 3.64 miles in 35-minutes, including 5-minutes of walking, averaged a 9:36 pace.

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