The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workout 5.3

So I'm just going to do only thirty minutes. I guess now I understand a friends comments last week about going out for a run. He posted on his facebook "Started of NOT feeling good...figured I'd just go 1 mile. Then @ 1 mile, figured I go 5k, figured I'd go 10k...then at 10k, figured I'd go a full hour...then @ 1 full hour, figured I'd go 7 miles even...then @7 miles even, figured I'd run back to my starting point. Funny how the goal-posts move sometimes. :)."

So my thirty minutes, turned to 45, although not because I wanted to keep walking, but because I wanted a further distance for the day. But once I reached 45-minutes, I made myself go until I had been walking for a full hour.

Today's workout results: 4.31 miles in 60-minutes averaged a 13:55pace. DANG... I just checked my distance for the year so far...99 miles. Guess I should have walked another mile!

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