The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Workout 5.4

The main disadvantage of running on your own treadmill is when you get the message 'LUBE BELT'. Sadly you can only ignore the message five times, so today there was no bypassing it. Treadmill off, unplugged, belt loosened, dust wiped off, lube spread on entire deck, belt tightened, plug treadmill back in, turn treadmill on, walk on it for 2 minutes....nope a few seconds, lower speed, adjust belt tighter, get back on treadmill, increase speed, and decrease again, adjust belt tighter, back on treadmill and finish walking on treadmill for 2 minutes, and reset treadmill. Whoo hoo done with all that, now lets workout!

So far so good, warm-up complete and starting to jog at 6.6 speed, then slight little slip in the belt, nothing major so I keep going. Ten minutes into the my workout another slip, then another, dang...pause treadmill, adjust belt, start running again, another slip and then another, final adjustment to the belt and we are good to go for the remainder of the workout.

Today's workout results: 3.68 miles in 35 minutes averaged a 9:30 pace.

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