The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time to plant a garden???

While everyone is posting and talking about fall and winter, I am attempting to finish unpacking and organizing the house, and figure out where and how I am going to plant a garden. Yes you read that right, a October!

I use Sprout Robot to help me plan my garden. This site helps by letting you know what you should be planting in and/ or out doors each week. This week, based on my zip code, I should be planting:

  • Plant head lettuce
  • Plant kohlrabi
  • Plant leaf lettuce
  • Plant chard
  • Plant spinach
  • Plant radishes
  • Plant chinese cabbage
  • Plant black-eyed peas
  • Plant daikon radish
  • Plant rutabega
  • Plant endive
  • Plant cauliflower
  • Plant kale
  • Plant carrots
  • Plant southern peas
  • Plant parsnips
  • Plant mustard greens
  • Plant snap peas
  • Plant snow peas
  • Plant peas
  • Transplant broccoli outdoors
  • Plant turnips
  • Plant bok choy
  • Transplant cabbage outdoors
  • Plant brussels sprouts
  • Plant beets 
  • Plant asian greens  
Here is my huge dilemma, while we have a good amount of property, it is mostly grass and a RENTAL. We do have 'beds' surrounding the house in the backyard, however they are filled with rock, which I could easily move into a storage bin.

We only plan on being here till next summer, so I don't plan on doing a huge garden, but would love to have a lot of the basic veggies and herbs that we use often, but we aren't sure how we are going to plant anything.

The only bed without rock

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