The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly workout summary

Whoohoo week 3 of a somewhat normal workout routine...okay maybe not. I had previously downloaded a Couch to 5K running app on my phone and realized last week that the 'free' app I had only gave you a limited amount of workouts and the last one was 3.1, bummer. Luckily I still have my printout of the workout schedule I followed last year, so I didn't have any excuse to not continue. You may question why I would download an app to begin with, especially since i only run on my treadmill, in my house! But I honestly thought an app would be motivation to start running outside.

Sunday: Day off
Monday: Cto5K 2.10 miles in 28 minutes
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Cto5K 2.10 miles in 28 minutes
Thursday: Sick
Friday: Sick
Saturday: Sick

Okay, I will be the first on to admit my sickness probably wasn't severe enough to skip at least my final run of the week, nor pilates all week long. This little bug was more of the annoying nausea  ALL day long, headaches all day (thankfully I don't get migraines), and I felt like I could sleep forever although the longest I slept on either of these 'sick days' was until noon. But now the week is over, I am somewhat kicking myself for the minimum amount of exercise I have done. So here is to another week and hopefully a bit more motivation to get off my tush and burn some calories!

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