The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, October 20, 2012

This girl cracks me up

I don't know if it was because Breanna is back on a routine, or if it was because she had the week off of school, or if her 'class clown act' is making its way into our home, either way it has been a fun and entertaining week! Of course I can't even begin to portray her funniness, but writing this post has been a great way to reflect on our week together.

Monday was laundry and look for work day. Bre of course loves to help with the laundry, but is limited on what she can do as this home has a top loading washer, and it would take too much effort to put the homeowners washer and dryer in the garage and bring in my front loading machines just so Bre could help out more. So there wasn't too much funniness going on this day other than a few funny comments such as every time I was on the computer, she 'shushed me' and told me me 'mom take test?' (yes she really does tell me questions, it is not a punctuation mishap).

Tuesday we had errands to run and we usually try to stop at Target to get her an ICEE and then to Lowe's so she can 'look' at the flowers. This entails her walking, quickly, up and down all the inside and outside isles where all the plants are. I asked her if she wanted to buy some flowers, and she said yes. If you want to read more about our day Tuesday, click here.
Bre's flowers in a box
Wednesday, she was just a huge cuddly bug and insisted on holding hands all day long, minus food and bathroom breaks! Holding hands is a new thing for her, and of course I get a kick out of any time she allows me to be close to her. So this was huge bonus for me today and it truly melted my heart that she would allow us to touch for a good length of time and on several occasions today.

Thursday Breanna was eating lunch, and for those of you who know Bre, she has to sit in the same seat, every time! During lunch there was a show on that she really wanted to watch (to be honest I have no idea what it was as I write this) so I asked her if she wanted to sit in another chair so she could see the television. She replied to my question with an excited "Yea!", set her silverware down, and stood up.

She then proceeded to pick up her chair, turn it around, grab part of her lunch, and sit down to watch the show.

Friday we decided...okay I decided we were going to finally plant our fall garden, so we headed to Lowe's. Well actually Target to get Bre an ICEE and an iced coffee for me, then next door to Lowe's. We bought 4 larger planters, a packet of carrot seeds, a few veggie plants, and some garden soil. Again I asked Bre (after she had completed her 'looking at the flowers routine' if she wanted to buy some flowers.

Today she had actually looked and touched several flowers, but wouldn't 'pay' for any of them (translation: I will look at them, but they are not coming home with us). So we wheeled our cart to the check out and Bre says to me, "buy some flowers?" I asked her which flowers she wanted and she went to grab a potted flower next to the check out. I then asked her, "Are you going to pay for it and take it to Bre's house?" She replied yes and grabbed on of the flowers. Before you look at the pic can you guess why she chose this specific flower to buy???

Cause it's pink and in a pink pot... of course!!! She picked a spot on the bookcase for her flower...with a little help from me (she wanted her plant and her 'pink' lamp to be one and sit on top of each other).

We also planted out plants and seeds on Friday, and after we were done with that I decided to start pulling the weeds out of the rock beds. During this time, Bre went in and out of the house, and occasionally asked me what I was doing? I always replied that I was pulling weeds. About half way through our time outside, she asked me again what I was doing, I again replied I was pulling weeds and then she said, Breanna help, and she bends over and starts ripping to top of the weeds off. Of course I couldn't get her to sit with me, nor put on gloves, be she just got a kick out of ripping weeds into pieces and throwing them in the bucket. Always cracks me up, when she gets so excited and laughs hysterically at herself, so much so she starts drooling.

Love this girl!!!

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