The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Workout summary week 2

Even though Breanna is out of school this week, I am not going to let that interfere with working out. It may alter it a bit, but I am not going to let it be the reason to not do anything. So far I am off to a good start, even with Bre up, fully dressed, and ready for the day at 6AM on Monday morning.

Sunday: Day off
Monday: Walking outside (with Ms B) 1.25 miles which took 28 minutes cause she walks slow and she really didn't want too! Also did 2.06 miles on the treadmill for week 2.1 of Cto5K.
Tuesday: Day off
Wednesday: Not feeling so great, feverish, nausea, headache for last two days, so I figured I might as well attempt to run this bug right out of me. Cto5K 2.2, 2.16 miles in 30 minutes.
Thursday: Day off
Friday: Pilates - On Demand program, beginners body/ Pilates, 36 minutes
Saturday: Cto5K 2.3, 2.3 miles in 31 minutes.

According to I ran 6.52 miles and my run on Friday put me at 300 miles for the year.

Me laying on the treadmill after my run.

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