The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Bre and I had tons of errands to run today, which some of them required us to wait for long periods of time. We started our morning out at the local Social Security office to change over her SSI benefits from the Washington office to the Dothan office, then a quick trip to Target to purchase Madagascar 3 and of course to grab a coffee at the Starbucks (the only one in Dothan) and an ICEE. Next we met Eric across the street at Arby's for lunch, and then Bre and I headed to the DMV to get her an ID card and so I could update my address. We discovered that the DMV is closed for lunch, so during our wait we headed to Lowe's to look at the 'flowers'. This entails Bre walking up and down any isle that has plants. She doesn't really look, just paces up and down each isle at an extremely fast pace. We do this often, so you would think that all the sales associates would recognize us by now, but they ask us every time if they can help us find anything.

Today I spoke with Randy (the guy who usually attempts to help us at each visit) about what I can and can't plant or keep outside. You may recall my earlier post about the items I should be planting outside for my fall garden, if not click here to view. I forgot mom gave me two matching planters until a few days ago and decided they would look great either on the side of my front door or on the back patio and of course I would rather have items in them that produce food we can eat and/ or cook with. So what would be better than citrus trees. Lowe's had a variety of tree options that would work great in these planters; lemon, lime, avocado, satsuma, navel orange, blood orange, mandarin orange, or tangerine. So many choices, I almost wish I had more planters!!! Since I wasn't able to narrow down my selection to just two trees, Breanna and I decided to buy some herbs, which she planted after we finished our final errands of getting her a state ID card, running the car through the car wash, and doing a little grocery shopping.

B decided she was going to do this by herself

Bre adding the pellets
Each pot got 2 pellets

Adding the water


Even though all the pellets were stacked the same, they all expanded differently

We added some labels

Time to add the seeds

And now we wait

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