The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

I will be the first to admit that is the lamest title for this post but my creativity must be taking a nap right now!

On Wednesday, January 30th it was 76 degrees when Breanna got on the bus at 7am, the next day (at the same time) it was almost 40 degrees colder. Luckily out temps didn't drop below freezing until Saturday night.

The last time we had a bout of freezing temps we also had a ton of rain, so I lost a good amount of my lettuce and all of my broccoli, so when I heard we were going to have a few days of freezing temps after severe storms passing through, I decided I couldn't take the risk of loosing any more crops. Since all the areas of our yard that are not grass are covered in rocks, we are gardening in containers this year. At first we were just going to try to shield the crops from the frost, but sine my onions are just starting to sprout I didn't want to risk loosing the entire crop, if we didn't protect them correctly or enough, we decided to move them inside!

2 large containers of lettuce, 1 large container of red and white onions, 1 small container of green onions

herbs, celery, jalapeno, and bell peppers

Almost the end of week 2 after planting, 12 tomato starts
This morning it appeared our Florida room may have either gotten a bit too cold OR had too much heat, because even though all the containers had enough water, most of the plants weren't looking too well. Here is hoping for warmer night time weather so, with the exception of the tomato starts, they can all go back outside for some fresh air and direct sunshine! Crossing our fingers that everything survives!

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  1. That's an excellent use for the Foosball table! :) hope your plants survive!