The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines kiss match game

I came across this fun game and treat through a blog I follow on Blogger called Creations by Kara, which I then pinned on Pinterest. I though this would be a fun Valentines game and treat for Breanna's class, and much better than buying some generic Valentines cards that no one in Bre's class would care about any ways. I am sending a note to Bre's teacher with the instructions on how to set up and play the matching game. Don't judge or assume, but these are all disabled kids, and although this is a game, it will also help them with their reading and comprehension, following directions, and social interaction. After their game or games, I will ask that they divide up all the kisses among all the students and staff.

Warning: Each game requires 64 kisses, so make sure you set enough aside before you start eating - what you think are the left overs (yep we are short quite a few kisses! Dang we need to buy another bag!). If you don't have a circular punch, take your print out to the closest craft store any buy one the correct size! Because cutting all these TINY circles out with scissors is a pain!

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