The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Saturday, March 9, 2013

(Insert workout title here...yeah I've got nothing!)

We seem to be starting off this week on the right foot...

Sunday: Family gym day...yep that is right Eric, Breanna, and I hit the gym today, although we weren't there as long as I wanted to be! But honestly, I didn't expect I'd get to stay the full 1 1/2 hours I usually do with everyone else in tow. We all started out on the treadmill, Eric soon left us, as Bre and I completed our 10 minute warm-up. Bre, being the 'class clown' that she is, starting cracking up those who were around us and who could actually hear her. Of course Bre wasn't happy to be at the gym, let alone being forced to walk on the treadmill, on several occasions I had to remind her to walk and not stomp! She soon loosened up and started singing (from what I can tell) a made up song about walking, the poor gal beside Bre had to stop running cause she couldn't stop laughing.
Onto the weights, today was my arm workout and Bre did pretty good taking turns with me on all the machines. Bre found it easier to help pass your workout time by counting, sometimes much quicker than she did her weight, which again gave all those around us a good chuckle...hopefully we didn't disrupt too many peoples workouts today.

Monday: Completed a virtual 5k today. I started with a .25 warm up which took 3:45 min minutes to complete. Since I am unsure what time I want to use here are all of them, with my warm up mileage included, 3.10 miles was completed in 30:08 minutes. My 5k plus the additional .25 mile warm-up resulted in a time of 32:2, and my total mileage/ time with warm-up, 5K, and cool-down resulted in 3.6 miles in 36:05 minutes. Confusing I know but broken down this results in 9.7 minute mile average, 9.61 minute mile average, or a 10 minute mile average.

Tuesday: Gym day today, started with a 10 min warm up on the treadmill, followed by my leg workout. I usually like to end my workout with a 20-30 minute ride on a stationary bike, but today the bikes were all full so I decided to do a quick tan in hopes for a bike to free up. Unfortunately non of them did, so I completed a 20 minute interval workout on treadmill, level 2, speed at 3.5 which increased and altered between 4.5 and 6.5, resulting in 1.49 miles.

Wednesday: Day off - totally not planned. I don't know what my problem was, but about 9:30am I felt extremely tired. I ended up being a total bum most of the day by staying in bed and I even slept here and there. I even called it an early night and slept 8+ hours, which is so not like me, usually I only sleep a max of 5-6 hours a night. So somewhere, someday, I really need to get my run in.

Thursday: Gym day, as usual, I started with a 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill followed by my arm workout. I even ventured and attempted a few ab machines I have never used before but have been secretly watching others use. I wish I could find a picture of both the machines I tried today to share, but I will say neither of them seemed to do anything for my abs, they both required more arm strength than ab strength. One of these days I am going to plan my gym times with their schedules to join a class and learn how to do more of their machines, but for now I will stick with what I know. I completed my workout with a 10 minute, high intense bike ride. I admit I should have stayed on longer, but I was too lazy to restart the bike and chose a lower intense workout.

Friday: Oh happy, happy, joy, joy....Eric worked day shift Thursday and arrived home at 6:30p, went back to work at 10pm to work all of third shift, came home around 7am today, slept for 2 hours or so and left at 9:30am to work a few hours...or so he said/ thought. I already knew my running time was going to be a bit off today as I was due to have an interview today, but then you throw in his work schedule mess and my consideration to allow him to sleep  and well....the run never happened. Sadly, neither did the interview, which is becoming a pattern with this staffing agency.

Saturday: Family gym day....again? Twice in one week? holy moly we might actually develop a habit! Actually Eric and his friends, I call them his girlfriends because these guys can sit around for days gossiping...yep you read that right gossiping, but that is another story for a different blog post (that will probably never happen! - At least I am honest!) Well why the 'girls' were gossiping Bre and I put on our gym clothes and headed out the door. She was NOT happy! But it kind of stinks being the kid!

Bre and I started with our 10 minute warm-up walk, hmmm let me clarify, I walked at a nice fast pace, she took 2 steps would stop, while standing on the belt, wait till she got almost to the end and take a few more steps to get back to the front of the treadmill. My first thought was, that the gym adventure was a HUGE mistake and I almost told her to come on and lets go home, but then that is what she really  wanted. So mean mom told her every time she did it I would increase her speed. She caught on really quick and limited her 'ride' to only a few more times.

After our warm-up, we did the arm machines we had done on Sunday and then I did part of my leg workout, since this gym trip was to be my leg workout. Bre even attempted a few of the leg machines, although she wasn't too successful on most of them, partially because she didn't quite understand how to use them and the other reason was she was too short for half of the machines I use. Half way through our workout we saw Ms. Chatty Cathy aka Eric, at the gym, since our workouts are completely different the next time we saw him was when we were leaving.

So besides my lack of running this week, I think overall this was a fairly productive week. For next week I have decided I am going to join in on a virtual 5K training/ program sponsored by Another Mother Runner. This week was week 1 of 10 weeks of training, the goal is to have other mother runners (even those want-to-be's) train and then run their race Mother's Day (weekend). Click here for a race bib and to find the link to their training schedule.

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