The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey for you, turkey for me....

Our Thanksgiving plans this year, well were non existent as 'Turkey' was due to arrive today. To make matters worse, the day Kylie arrived I was due to have a doctors appointment at 12:45pm and then I was going to run errands to do final preps for her arrival, including grocery shopping. Obviously none of that happened and to top things off I was placed on restrictions after she was born, which included no driving for at least 2 weeks and no traveling!

We, okay I, had talked with Eric's family about going to see them and spend Thanksgiving with them if Kylie arrived early. But having these restrictions meant we were stuck at home and my poor family didn't have much for options for a true Thanksgiving dinner. Yes I had a turkey, that is well over 15 pounds, and was bought for when we were due to have more visitors. I also had a bag of potatoes and I always have things on hand for homemade bread. Eric was nice enough to run to the store for me two days before Thanksgiving and tried to find us a smaller turkey because 15+ pounds for 4 people is overkill!

Thanksgiving day my turkey was still slightly frozen, but at least we had one and it smelled amazing as it cooked throughout the day. Dough for rolls was made in between feedings of our 'little turkey', sadly though my dough never rose so now we are having turkey and potatoes! Hmmm, dig through the cupboards to see what else I can come up with, because lets be honest, I have two grown men in my house and they have been eating poorly since 'little turkey' arrived! Regardless, our turkey turned out amazing and everyone stuffed their faces!

Earlier that day, Jarom and I had a little fun of trying to get a few pictures of Kylie for Thanksgiving especially since she had a cute little turkey outfit and turkey toy.

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