The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve

Today is our last full day together for winter break and we decided to treat the kids to a day at the local fun center, Fun Zone. Since the kids couldn't fully decide on what they wanted to do, I made the executive decision to purchase everyone a package, including one for Eric, because grown men are just kids in disguise. Their packages included: admission, roller skating, laser tag, a meal ticket (for either pizza or a hotdog and a drink), 10 video game tokens, and 4 activity tickets that could either be used for laser tag (took 2 tickets), rock wall climbing, bumper cars, gyro chair, or jump shot (jumping on a trampoline while shooting basketballs).

Bre, Turkey, and I were just spectators for the day, but the first stop for everyone was laser tag! No one was positive who actually won, but all of them seemed to enjoy playing and they all raved on how long their game lasted, I guess other places they have played had shorter playing times. From what I gathered they divided up in two teams, Eric, Jarom, and Joey versus Heidi, MyKayla, Jordyn, and Jayson. After laser tag they all wanted to compete against each other on the rock wall. Although their were 4 climbing areas only three people were able to climb at a time. Because my life and time revolve around Turkey (aka Kylie), I missed getting pictures of the first climbers Jarom and Joey, the pictures I have of them are of their second climb later that day. Between all the climbs, Heidi was our top climber clearing all but one wall multiple times. The rock wall rules were you could continue climbing until you had 3 falls. Heidi's first round resulted in 1 fall and her second round resulted in no falls.

After our time at the Fun Zone, Eric and I took the kids for yet another surprise, FIREWORKS! We chose to purchase a prepackaged bundle as it was already close to 6pm and we hadn't started to cook diner yet. Due to our neighborhood of slightly 'older' neighbors, I told the kids (Eric included - remember just another kid!) that they could either spread out their fireworks throughout the night, starting around 10pm or light them all off at midnight. Based on the amount of fireworks we had and the fact that some of our surrounding neighbors started lighting fireworks at about 9pm, the kids decided to spread theirs out over the night, coming in here and there for some snack food and to celebrate the 'first' ringing in of the new year. Due to the weather, a bit cold and drizzling, Turkey, Bre, and I stayed inside so we weren't able to get any pictures and my pyro family tore open that package the second we got home all choosing what they wanted to light and when. Sadly someone (cough, cough, Eric) forgot to get some punks and all I have at the house is matches, so Eric was the only one allowed to light any of them.

As most know Eric's birthday is 1/1 and due to his birthplace, we also celebrated his birthday with the ringing in of the 'first' new year. The girls made him red velvet cupcakes and his kids gave him an Alabama block calendar for his office and I bought him an Alabama name badge clip and Alabama car rugs. Again lame-o me forgot to get any pictures, but we did remember to get an updated picture of all the kids together (since our last one was from Christmas 2011 - yep we are that lame!)

Jayson being my tester to determine where and how to take our picture

The Brady Bunch clan!

And here are some pictures of our time at the Fun Zone!


Jordyn and Jayson

Heidi (Jarom's girlfriend)


Eric and Heidi

Turkey (aka Kylie) just chillin'

Jarom and Jayson showing their mad skating skills

Jarom with Joey waiting to do the same climb

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