The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Panana City Beach, FL

Well the last of our visitors is about to leave and Eric wanted to make sure Heidi was able to see some part of the Gulf of Mexico, so we decided to head down to Panama City Beach. The weather was supposed to be so-so, with a high of 64 degrees and a chance of rain. Since none of us had been there before we were unsure of what we actually wanted to do, besides hit the beach, so we chose to just drive down and find a place to eat lunch close to the beach and then decide. Some had ideas of what they wanted to do, which included being on the beach, buying a few souvenirs (Heidi) and getting some salt water taffy (MyKayla). The girls and I, since we were sitting in the back of the car looked up restaurants and checked out their menus on the drive down to determine where we were going to eat, we debated between two locations. Of course the place we chose was closed, even though their website stated they were open, so off we went to the second location, Schooners. We arrived around 11:30am so we had our choice of where to sit, since the heaters were running outside we chose to have a seat with a view.

After lunch, Bre, Eric, Turkey and I hit the car so I could feed Turkey, while Jarom, Heidi, and MyKayla hit the beach as there was a public access next to Schooners. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves and had just headed back to the car by the time I finished feeding turkey and got her situated, so unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them on the beach (yep I even brought my camera!) but at least they all snapped a few pictures on their phones to share with each other. Next we headed to the pier (Russell-Fields Pier) and even though the wind had picked up and the clouds were in full force we loaded up the stroller and paid to walk the pier.

Bre taking in the view

Heidi and Jarom

Photo bomb brought to you by MyKayla

The faster we get to the end the quicker we will be done, right???


Photo bomb brought to you by Heidi and Jarom
MyKayla and Bre

Wow, look, water...

The walk back to the entrance
After the pier we went across the street to the mall and as I hit the Starbucks with Turkey and Bre, everyone else hit the candy store two doors down. We then made our way to one of the souvenir shops where the girls made a few purchases, then we headed home, with a quick stop at one of the local take-out pizza places to grab dinner!

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