The Brady Bunch Kids

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two months of Turkey

Well two months has gone by since little turkey decided to bless us with her presence. She had her two month check up on the 21st and she weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces, was 22 inches tall, her head circumference was 39 cm (slightly over 15 inches and I have no idea why they measure height in inches and head circumference in centimeters) and her temperature was 98.4 degrees. Turkey received her first dose of Tylenol today at 9:39am because she was able to get her next round of immunizations, 6 total, but only 3 of them in the form of injections.
  1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis
  2. HIB - Haemophilus Influenzae Type b
  3. Hepatitis B (second dose)
  4. Pneumococcal
  5. Rotavirus
  6. Polio

Her doctor let us know that she is growing at a nice and steady pace and even though she ranges from 15-25 percentile, her height is consistent with her weight. Based on what Turkey is doing, lifting her head, looking at lights, responding to people whether just walking by or engaging with her, she is slightly ahead of her peers. And extra bonus for us the doctor is still extremely impressed that she is sleeping through the night, of course I do try to wake her (if she isn't already awake) between 11-12 assuming I am awake, to give her one final feeding for the day. Her next visit is scheduled for March 20th for her 4 month well child check-up.

Here are some fun facts/ milestones since our last post:
  • Awake more hours and more alert
  • I still sleep through the night, averaging at least 6 hours each night
  • I like to talk, even though most people don't understand me and more often than not my talking is in the form of a cry
  • I have started to laugh a few times, but the second I hear my own voice I startle myself and stop to listen, so mom isn't documenting that I laughed just yet
  • Likes to watch Fisher Price animals on either mom's phone or Bre's iPad
  • Love sitting in the kitchen, in my bouncer while mom cooks. Usually I just stare at the fridge or ceiling lights
  • I have crying fits EVERY day that starts between 7:30 and 8:30 each night, most nights I am done by 9:30 though. I appear extremely tired, but I fight it as long as I can!
  • I despise tummy time, but occasionally like to lay on my back on my play mats 
  • I drool constantly
  • My nails grow so fast that mom has to cut them at least once a week, usually more often though
  • I am trying to figure out how to get my fingers and fists in my mouth
  • I despise my car seat, unless I am in the car and you are driving faster than 40 miles an hour without stopping. The minute you stop though, I will cry!
  • I have mixed feelings about my crib, most nights I sleep in my bouncer. This is partially due to our extremely cold temperatures and mom wants to make sure I stay all wrapped up all night long.
  • On average I feed for 4+ hours a day, but mom doesn't (or rarely) pumps so I am not sure how much I average (ounces) per feeding
We also said goodbye to all of our visitors over the past month. Grandma and Grandpa Lovegren left on Decemeber 18th, I was still asleep, but mom got me out of bed to give one last hug. On January 6th, MyKayla and Heidi returned to Salt Lake City after being with us for three weeks, again I slept through our goodbyes and because we were at the airport, I stayed in my car seat. It took a few days but after everyone left and Breanna and Jarom returned to school, mom and I worked on getting back on a normal schedule and routine.

Here are some pictures and video of my last month.
12/21 Looking at a book

12/22 Trying to figure out how to suck on my fingers and/or fist

12/27 Checking out my sis Jordyn

12/31 New Years Eve, Hanging out at the Fun Center with the family


1/11 Starting to interact with my bouncy seat attachment

1/16 Bre telling me "It's okay baby, don't cry!" while patting my leg

1/19 Two months old

1/19 Yep mom staged this picture, me snuggling with my turkey

1/21 Mom bought me sunglasses and some hair accessories after my doctors appointment

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